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got a Daily Deviation :heart: Nekane by HesterTatnell :heart: suggested by me and featured by STelari

it's friday. i hope that will be end of bad week.

two days ago i with my brother almost died. from our tiled stove (i probably say it wrong) was coming out... carbon monoxide Death
i was trying to sleep, because i have night shift. my brother sleep too...
i had huge dizziness... started to scream and wanted to wake up my brother. i opened every window...

yesterday when was going to work (on bicycle) group (in Poland we called them 'dresiarze' - it's just young guys who wear track-suit and usually they aren't good people... the look like this:…
so they told dog to attack me... i was scared to death! because when i was younger dog attackt me and to this day i have the scar behind the knee :(
i didn't know what to do this time again so i started screaming (it was almost 10pm so streets was empty and quiet) after few seconds dog resigned but i was still frightened.
this evening i'll go other way.

besides every day i hear from someone in work, that one of their family died or was close to death...
i really want to stay in home... Panda Emoji-08 (I love mah bed) [V1] 

got a Daily Deviation :heart: Studied Overnight by PenguinFrontier :heart: suggested by me and featured by and featured byand featured by cinyu
got a Daily Deviation :heart: Space girl by sashajoe :heart: suggested by me and featured by STelari


hello :hug: i was tagged by Minato-Kushina! if you want to know more about dd suggesters i invite you all  -> Stuff that happens to DD Suggesters!I have dreamed of writing this journal for a long time now! :D For this DD Celebration Week, here are some funny/strange/awkward things that have happened to me or things that I have done during this awesome journey! Please share your experiences too! :eager:
I always read the comments of my suggested DDs. I always comment on them too.
Sometimes, I have sent notes to random people and, by instinct and habit, I write to the Subject box “DD Suggestion”! :lol: Once or twice, I have actually sent these notes to them, before noticing the wrong title!
Sometimes I accidentally push the Send button before writing the DD description. And then I have to send it again. :facepalm:
Copy... paste... send... Wait, no, no, I forgot the descrip.... Oh, great.
 I had once suggested

got a Daily Deviation :heart: Fantasie 1 by Roller32 :heart: suggested by me and featured by STelari

today i got scans from my lomography supersampler!
if you want to see:… :heart:

from 7dec - 14dec:
$5 Off Everything In My Shop + Free Shipping Worldwide!
use this link:…

got a Daily Deviation :heart: Magic Book by NataliaRak :heart: suggested by me and featured by jenthestrawberry 

today i planned to go on auction: to see how it works. because in nearly future i wanted to do exhibition there or eventually try to sell one of my artworks.
but i talked with woman who manages this gallery and she told me that she never let me to show my works here because:
- i didn't finish art school,
- people called 'collectors' will never come and buy something from someone who is amateur,
- her (gallery) will not earn money on me.
and she told one more (depressing) thing. that like we know there are qualified doctors, architects... and are qualified artist who can do professional art.
professional art...
so i shouldn't draw/make art, because i'm not qualified...

i was really angry for her cranky way of thinking. i understand that people who have papers confirming their talent want to separate from amateurs. then please tell me where i can show my works except the internet?

i felt like a trash.
but i took free day and i have much time for my new drawing.

ps. drawing for me is like love, and when she told me those things... oh my God... i feel terrible. if it's world of 'REAL ARTISTS' i don't want to be part of it.

thank you for reading :hug:


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I LIKE: ultramarine green, talking about sex, short films, the wings of butterflies, positive strange people, spoil the romantic movie scenes, read manga in english, draw in the night, my sneakers and boots, buy in secondhands, dream, long hair, wool, black nail polish, kivi, yellow watermelons, long eyelashes, sarcasm, żelki, draw glass, body modifications, embroider sneakers, stickers, make people laugh, mess, the blue sky with the moon, my surroundings, look at the sky at night,, laugh, safety pins, raisins in chocolate, cocoa, sleep naked, watch sunrises and sunsets, the smell of freshly cut grass, walk barefoot, hot tea with honey, colza honey, when the bus isn't late, look out the window of the train, cotton candy, day off, go home, myself,…, wild strawberries, eavesdrop, my height (1.70cm), chicory coffee, asymmetry, chamomile, mold pierogi with my mom, sauerkraut juice, neon laces,…, A3, munch almonds, dried cranberries, the smell of pancakes, read, cats, holidays in Wielka Komorza, yawn in headphones with loud music, cauliflower raw, lie opposite on the bed, t-shirts Debbie from qaf, imagination, brown eyes, take a basket of wicker on shopping, whiskey,…, suggest daily deviation, przeciągać się, dancing, Artur's weird eyes, when the payment is, work on 'ewa-gwa', running, slam the door, sleep at night, effervescent tablets, my bike, electronic funds transfers, guys with long hair

I DON'T LIKE: words: 'pieniążki' and 'młodzieżowy' and 'dzień dzisiejszy', nail tips, besieged things, meat, crowds, bitten nails, brown, lie sick when i don't want, plastic, narrow minds, looking for work, elevator, early wake up, hospitals, mosquitoes, mushrooms, blue cheese, caviar, sliding and flip cell phones, the extreme pessimists, pudding, pineapple, dark, anemia, insomnia, coffee, cold hands, long wait, sleep paralysis, snoring, paroxysmal vertigo, spiders, boredom, Mutual Adoration Society, vodka, image compression, dark chocolate, homophobes, faint, grapes, unfulfilled DJs, listen to the radio, mechanically separated meat, midlife crisis of my father, my body, liars, be sorrowful, nuts in chocolate, copy images, discrimination, black socks, odor of hydrogen peroxide, paint the teeth, GMO, television, ACTA, rutabaga, cactuses, soft beds, plastic cutlery, words which it is difficult to pronounce, teacups, brushes with bristles, parsley, bodies of fat people, gypsy music, disco polo, noise, stuffy rooms, a winter jacket, comb, december, one hag from work, e120, when wind blowing into my eyes, cut onions, cockerels in eggs, wooden hangers, illegal job, disgusting way of eating, when mom coughs, kalesony, gaps under the door, my depression, nosebleeds, pulling out the drain from my belly, postoperative hematoma, grapefruit juice, beard, ticks, have hiccups

other me: :iconejrotsih:…

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Hi Edyta! Aww thank you so much for suggesting my little Nekane for a DD!! :hug: I'm super grateful to you, my lovely :) 
Best wishes,
-H :heart: xxxx
psoty Featured By Owner 16 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
aww :heart:
it was my pleasure! thank you for making graet art Tight Hug 
HesterTatnell Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
:hug: x x x x x
blacktealover Featured By Owner 1 day ago
thank you for the favorite, Edyta!
tuutd Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student
I love your work!!

And I like 'positive strange people' too.
Sleep paralysis is the worst.
psoty Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you dear :heart:
NiebieskiKot Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Dziękować za fav.:)
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Oh! Thank you so much for this Daily Deviation!!! :D (Big Grin) :happybounce:  Heart
It's very very appreciated!! Hug
psoty Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
i'm very happy with you  :tardgrinn: 
thank you for sharing with us your artworks :hug:
Roller32 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2014  New member  Traditional Artist
Thanks for the +fav :) (Smile)
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